You have now not only designed, but also curated an exhibition in physical space — no small undertaking! Now what happens if that physical space is gone or inaccessible? How can you recreate your exhibition digitally using the same intentionality? For the next step in this workshop, create a digital translation of your exhibition. You should not be creating an exhibition prosthetic (a website to showcase your physical exhibit) but rather rebuilding your exhibition as a paralleled digital experience. Your digital exhibition should shareable, public facing (in theory), and must incorporate your title wall and intro text designs. 


—How can you create conceptual parallel between the physical space of your exhibition and the digital platform you decide to use?
—How do your objects translate to digital space? Will you photograph them? Will you render them? Will they be represented by words? Or even more vaguely — ideas!
—Will you expand or reduce the number of objects present in your collection?
—Does your digital exhibition draw from a single aspect of your physical exhibition, or does it use all of the same elements?
—Will you stay close to your original narrative or will you push away from it to form a new one?


Create your own website or app

Grid Show, Risd MFA Thesis Exhibition, 2016

Social media: Twitter, instagram, tic-toc, Facebook, etc.

The Musuem of Temporary Extinction by MGMT. design

Virtual and/or augmented reality

The MET Unframed was designed by The MET and Verison in partnership with multidisciplinary production company Unit9 and developed using the latest in web AR and emerging mobile technology with The Met's digital, educational, and curatorial teams providing rich content and expertise.  

As a video game — or in an existing game

Virtual environmentalism for Festival Next 2020 by The Rodina

Editable platforms and community platforms: Wikipedia, Reddit, Craigslist, Slack, Discord, etc.

I have read Oscar Wilde's a Picture of Dorian Gray at least five times.jpg
I have only ever dated boys that smoke cigarettes regularly.jpg

When I left my job, my office threw me a series of Tomato Parties. I'm not sure if it was Sarah or Alicia or Fede or Ian who coined the term, but tomatoes are my favorite and so it seemed appropriate.jpg

Wikipedia Still Lifes, Olivia de Salve Villedieu, 2018

Email, Google (drive, slides, sheets, etc.), Dropbox, etc.

Cyberfeminism Index, Mindy Seu (originally took the form of this google spreadsheet, but has now been turned into this website)

Folder/File sharing:

The Download, Rhizome

Audio: Soundcloud, spotify, etc.

Listen to the World, New York Times Magazine, 2018

Live stream/video: Twitch, Zoom, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

Dutch talents portrayed in one minute Zoom performances by Studio Moniker

Dating apps: Tinder, Grindr, OkCupid etc.


Clear ideas for and progress on your digital exhibitions as well as any updates to your physical exhibitions. We will be having individual meetings to discuss your projects on this day.


Create and be prepared to discuss your digital and physical exhibitions. If you are showing your work in a PDF format, the design of your presentation should be considered. The work should be presented in a way that makes the most sense for your installations and digital exhibitions. Please be sure to include your title wall, intro, texts, and any prosthetics you may have made throughout this workshop in your presentations.