Look closely at your objects and chosen site to come up with a name for your exhibition. Write 200 words about your collection and its location. Continue to verbally weave this narrative thread you have been building. 


Incorporate the title and text you wrote about your exhibition, in the the form of a title wall and introduction text. The title wall is, at its most basic form, a logo for your exhibition. [Optional: You may also create a set of labels for the objects within your collection.] How can you incorporate elements from your collection or location into these design? We are now introducing typography into this assignment and you should be meaningful in the ways you design and type set this information. Your type choices should be considered and relate conceptually or emotionally to your exhibition. Your designs should add even another layer of meaning to your collection and space.

Various exhibitions from MoMA.

Object Labels from MoMA’s Design Studio.

Here are a few possible ways for you to incorporate the title wall and intro text into your exhibitions:

Physically incorporate your design into your exhibitions
To physically bring your title wall and introduction text designs into your exhibitions, consider using vinyl, printouts, handwriting, stickers, etc. If you chose to implement your design in this way, please remember that your designs should be adding to your exhibition, not distracting from it. Craftsmanship is very important here.

Miranda July’s website for her book, “No one belongs here more than you.” VISIT WEBSITE

Create a digital mock-up
Because resources are limited and we have a finite amount of time, you may create digital mock-ups of your title wall and intro text. Using photography of your exhibition, superimpose your your designs (using photoshop or any other editing software) onto your images to illustrate clearly where the title wall and intro text would live.

Create an Exhibition Prosthetic
Exhibition prosthetics, are supplementary materials to your exhibition. This could be a pamphlet, poster, book, etc.

Gallery Guide for MoMA’s Exhibition “The Shape of Shape, Artists’s Choice: Amy Sillman”. Design: MoMA Design Studio.

Exhibiton pamphlet for MAC VAL. Design: Spassky Fischer.


Create and be prepared to discuss a .PDF about your exhibition. The design of your presentation should be considered. The PDF should include:

Page 1: Your designed exhibition title
Page 2: Your designed introduction text (200 words)
Pages 3-5: At least 3 photographs of your final exhibition. If you created a digital mock-up or incorporated your designs physically, make sure these renderings are present in your images
Page 6: Any prosthetics you create for this installation